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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mar Vista, Gem of the Westside

The Huffington Post ran an article raving about Mar Vista as "the land of large yards, beautiful tree lined streets, neighbors who have known each other for generations, and a whole lot of village pride. It's affordable, ethnically diverse, less than three miles to the beach, and a ten to twenty minute drop in to most places you want to visit."

The article notes Mar Vista's "rare old school California charm" and feeling that "creative energy spills out in all directions... the most interesting people live in Mar Vista. It's the gem of the Westside, oozing with possibility and opportunity."

The articles notes the recent transformation of the stretch on Venice Boulevard between Centinela and Grandview from a "depressed block" into a "viable retail destination" that may give Abbott Kinney a run for its money.

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